mindfulness movement & meditation

Qi Gong, Mindfulness, Meditation, Dirk de Waal

Qi-Gong and mindfulness meditation offer a great antidote to the busyness of modern life – filled with the perpetual pursuit of success and the overstimulation of newsfeeds, social media, and marketing. Both practices promote living a heathy life and peace of mind and spirit. These sessions are suited to individuals of all ages and fitness levels (including seniors), as the slow movements are completed while standing, with little to no impact on joints, and they also require no previous experience.

Qi-Gong and mindfulness meditation encourage the body and mind (our thoughts) to return to the present moment. Being in the present aids in calming the nervous system and stimulating all the body’s life processes. These sessions promote the flow of energy throughout the body, while improving mobility, balance, cultivation of a calmer mind, as well as a general sense of well-being and resilience.

What you will need

You will need a smooth surface to stand on, in a space that is free from physical clutter and noise. Outside in the garden is ideal for practicing Qi-Gong and meditation.