therapeutic sessions

Therapeutic Yoga, Dirk de Waal

One-on-one Yoga Therapeutic sessions begin with an assessment of what the student requires, using yoga and physical therapy assessment procedures. The assessment allows the facilitator to create an adaptive program uniquely tailored to the individual. This healing modality is a complementary treatment to western medical practices; ensuring a holistic approach to well-being. The central focus is on the mind-body matrix. This is the intricate network that includes the nervous system, immune systems, emotional body and pain modulation pathways. The primary aim of Yoga Therapeutic work is to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and to realign the body.

Use is made of all the centuries-old techniques that yoga has to offer; combining easy movement, stretching into the connective tissue, fascia releases and supported, longer-held poses aiding to restore the internal.

Areas of focus span the entire body, including muscular and skeletal concerns, cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems, digestive, reproductive and urinary systems, and the endocrine, immune and lymphatic systems. In addition, there is a focus on the student’s emotional well-being and regulation of their parasympathetic (or relaxation response) and sympathetic nervous (or stress response) systems.

One-on-one Yoga Therapeutic treatment plans are designed in collaboration with an already appointed medical professional. This ensures that the treatment plan will assist in the optimal recovery, growth and healing of the student.